Lootah, is one of the largest perfume shop in UAE

As the weather changes so does your wardrobe, your eating habits and your skincare regime, so why not your fragrance?  A scent is not just a fragrance, it embodies you and is your signature.  And as you change your appearance as per the season, so should your fragrance.

A fragrance empowers, comforts and calms you, and as you wouldn’t wear a trench coat in summer, you shouldn’t wear a heavy, woody fragrance when the sun shines bright outside, In Dubai, blazing would be the right word to use.

In winter, one would be drawn towards spicier fragrances, complicated bouquet that warms you up as the temperature drops outside.  Summer, however, calls for light airy notes that instantly refresh and evoke the feelings of an airy beach walk or a dip in cooling aqua.

A scent that refreshes, no just you, but the ones around, that’s what you should be looking for.  Floral, Citrusy, Fruity and Aquatic notes are the most prominent notes to keep cool throughout summer.

Citrus: It exudes a fragrance that instantly energizes you, usually in scents the essence of orange, grapefruit, lemon grass, bergamot and mint is used

Aquatic: It signifies theessence of water that cools you the instant it touches your skin. A unique mixture of fresh, clean, translucent and airy scent in which, a traditional fresh & floral scent is enhanced by aquatic notes during evaporation process.

Floral: One of the most sought after fragrances, whether you prefer soft floral fragrances or a fruitier variety, that’s a personal choice. Few notes would be rose, jasmine, lily, hibiscus, etc.

Fruity: Ideal for summer, fruity perfumes tends to be a bit lighter than floral fragrances. You won't be hot and sticky or overpowering on those hot, humid nights.

Aromatic: A magnificent mixture of rosemary, lavender, sage, cumin and other plants, which hold a very intensive grass-spicy fragrance, usually packed with citrusy and spicy notes. Aromatic scents are unique blend that work great for summer.

Wood-based perfumes are hard to find for summer, but the scents like sandalwood, smell better, last longer, and also keeps you cool.

In summer, perfume evaporates faster and then scents with complex notes can mix in an unpleasant way. The best option is simpler scents that contain only one or two notes.

Finally, stay away from layering, while doing that for scents will help them stay on longer, but in summer, would you want that? Once you have selected your best summer scent, don’t forget to apply a little on the back of your ears, in the grove at the base of your neck and a small spritz at the back of your knees and ankles.  This will have you enjoying a refreshing and cooling fragrance all day.

Renad and Palomino from Lootah are such fragrances, perfect to beat the summer heat in the UAE. While Renad refreshes with Neroli & Bergamot and sweeten the moment with Rasberry, Palomino is the perfect harmony of spicy cinnamon and fruity apricot, blended with black orchid for him & for her.